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GRAPHIC DESIGN   Desktop publishing/layout for all kinds of print media. Concept and design for logos and corporate identity.   FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY

I have a thing with food. So I decided to photograph it. Through and for people with a passion for the same thing. Because food is magic. 

As a photographer I am always on the lookout for new styles and techniques to make great photos. Extraordinary lighting, balanced compositions, meticulous post production,… I always look for the perfect moment where it all fits in place. 

Together with a team of professional prop and food stylists we can create your images à la carte. Here is how. Depending on your needs I make a moodboard to get a clear view of where we are headed. I can create a concept or follow a brief from an agency or art director. Our prop stylist has a magic box of tableware, cutlery, textiles, etc. Our food stylist can work miracles with food and composition. Prefer video? A recipe stop-motion, instruction video or cinemagraph; we partner with the best in their field of expertise. 

Food Styling

When I am not photographing I style food. Mostly commercial projects and editorial. As a food stylist I am on a quest for perfection. Whether you want me to make ten cheesecakes, find the perfect ice cube, cook a Christmas dinner, mix cocktails, fake ice cream of even chocolate… I’m on it!

My clients tell me it is like watching a magician when I am doing my thing on set. Why? Because I have tricks up my sleeve, I am prepared for everything, I am highly focused, I am patient and I love a challenge.

In short:

Food Photography:  Lifestyle - Restaurant - Editorial - Product - Culinary

Food Styling: Advertising - Editorial - Social - Liquid styling - Recipe Development


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